Whoa! Did Justin Bieber Cop New Jewelry?

Justin Bieber at the 'Never Say Never' Paris premiere on Feb. 17, 2011, and in Paris on Mar. 29, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

First of all, let's discuss the fact that the picture on the left was taken in Paris and the picture on the right was also taken in Paris and HOW WE ARE NOT IN PARIS WITH JUSTIN BIEBER EVER and how wrong that feels. THEN, let's get down to the brass tacks (erm... super clear, flawless DIAMOND brass tacks) and zoom on in to notice that our dear JB is not rocking the normal pavé dog tag jams but a super random, kinda hilarious chain with a 3-D (how Never Say Never, no?)... Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy????!!!! Sooooo clean but what does it meeeeeeean? Sardonic, wizened, old soul shackled to the confines of a beautifulbeautiful baby body (baby, baby, oh)? Oooor just an homage to a cartoon he likes? Who can say? All we want to know is WHERE IS OUR DAMN INVITE TO FRANCE??? We thought it was your sole mission in life to eradicate the universe of female loneliness... *sobs* *continues to age*