Hot Dude Of The Day: This Is Matthew Gray Gubler. You're Welcome.

Matthew Gray Gubler at the 'Source Code' premiere in Hollywood on March 28.
Photo: Getty Images

Matthew Gray Gubler, how have we NEVER heard of you until our moms FORCED us to watch Criminal Minds reruns during a boring weekend in the suburbs?!!! Once your cute face hit the screen, we were smitten beyond belief. But this has GOT to change. So, that's why we're here. To tell the world, that YES, MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER IS A TOTAL HOTTIE, AND WE LUUUHHH HIM. Last night he was looking particularly adorable at a Source Code premiere in an olive green and white gingham shirt, brown tweed jacket, faded brown corduroy pants, and brown lace-up boots. Then, after staring at his perfectly symmetrical chiseled face for WAY too long, we couldn't help but think, "DANG, BOY. You could be a model!!" AND THEN WE FOUND OUT HE WAS. For like, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs and stuff. (#getit!) And you know what he does when he's not acting/modeling/being super hot? ART. Just imagining him sketching us is enough to blow our minds, soooooo we'll just pretend we never read that and go back to staring at his pretty face. BAI.