Drool-Worthy Jewelry: Jennifer Hudson's Bangle Game

Singer Jennifer Hudson poses before performing for AOL Music's 'Sessions' at AOL Studios on March 26, 2011.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images For AOL

Wowowowowow so J.Hud stays blowing us away with her flawless gorgeousness. And for sure, we'd like to clarify that we're not just lauding her newfound thinness, or whatever, but the fact that EVERY TIME she's photographed lately her makeup/hair/outfit/accessories are wantwantwantNOW impeccable. Case in point this entire ensemble right here. Dazzling McAwesomepants (yeah, we said it) was snapped all casual-style at an AOL function, and we had to zoom in like NSA agents on her intoxicating bangle/animal cuff bracelet game because it is CRAZY. The one with the beautiful bird heads are from M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, and you will have to save up many a paycheck for the $2,340 price (we call such things, long-term investments), and the bejeweled bangles range from $1,100-$1,725. We luuuuuuh'd the animal motif so much we set about hunting more game (yeah, we said that TOO, what?). Check 'em out.

Eagle bracelet, Tiger ring (with Quartz) and Elephant bracelet by Carrera y Carrera and Starfish bangle (with yellow enamel and sapphires) and close-up of the jam Jennifer Hudson's rocking are M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenz.
Photo: courtesy of D'Orazio & Associates