Cover Girl Roundup: Ashley Greene, Freida Pinto, Emma Stone, Robyn, Rihanna, Lady Gaga And More!

We love magaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines (and blogs too, obvs) and having worked on a couple in my day, you ALWAYS feel crazy-triumphant when you know right down to your stomach lining that you've nailed your cover shot. To celebrate the ultraMEGAgorge frames that emblazon our favorite glossies, we're starting a new franchise called "Cover Girl Roundup" (yeeeeeah, SEO whadaaaaaps?! [just a little internet insider LOLs, humor us]). Anyhoo, in this installment we've got 'Glamour,' 'Rolling Stone,' 'Elle' and the "Exhibitionist" issue of 'i-D.'


Freida Pinto, Emma Stone, and Ashley Greene.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Glamour'

Glamour has brought you the darling buds of May. Namely Ashley Greene, Freida Pinto and Emma Stone for a three-way split where the ladies are looking fresh-faced, tousled and freakin' AWESOME in floral prints with retro cuts. Mmmmm... Dolce & Gabbana (back tax kerfuffle notwithstanding).


Rihanna and Robyn.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Rolling Stone' and 'Elle'

Uuuuuuum. Hi RiRi. So, you look wonderful. Rihanna is wearing a Tom Tom Fashions tank and shorts that appear to have been applied with a STEADY HAND AND A STENCIL. Good lord, girl mess with the entire internet's productivity, don't you? One of our FAVORITES, Robyn, rocks a Prada baroque motif dress for the fashion ladymag's music issue (she's also seemingly encountered some sort of alarming GIANT judging from her expression).


Lady Gaga and Karlie Kloss with Jourdan Dunn.
Photo: Courtesy of 'i-D'

Gaga going Mugler has been seen all over these information superhighways care of the social networking might of Nicola Formichetti, but what you may not know is that the aptly titled "Exhibitionist" issue of i-D featured three other covers. AAAAAAAND some of them were naked, lest anyone slept. Say hullo to Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn. And then stay a while to tip your hat (a hat making you WAY overdressed for all of this) to Anja Rubik; plus, Meghan Collison, Shu-Pei and Tati Cotliar. They're hot. And NOT down to wear "Hello My Name Is..." tags just so you can keep 'em straight. IT WOULD RUIN THE SHOTS. GAWD.

Anja Rubik and Meghan Collison, Shu-Pei and Tati Cotliar.
Photo: Courtesy of 'i-D'