Chloë Moretz Goes Long (With Her Hair), Designer Hervé Léger Says Models Too 'Skinny' And 'Sad' These Days, And More Fashion News

Chloe Moretz on March 26, 2011 in New York City.
Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

• The 14-year-old Kickass star Chloë Moretz, whose above-the-shoulder wavy bob is too cute for school, has added a little length (and five or so years) to her look with a headful of extensions. {InStyle}

• According to an interview in Vogue UK, fashion designer Hervé Léger doesn't do runway anymore because he finds the model selection slim (literally). {Glamour}

Katy Perry's mama, Mary Perry Hudson, is shopping a book around that reportedly discusses her dislike for everything from Russell Brand to the form-fitting shifts that her pop star daughter wears. Obviously, Mama Perry isn't Katy's No. 1 fan. {Glamour}

• Actress Emmy Rossum recently admitted that after a horrific haircut when she was 5, she's steered clear of scissors. When she does get her luscious locks trimmed, she freaks out. Poor girl. {People StyleWatch}

• If you have to regularly trim your Latise-enhanced lashes like Claire Danes, they've probably reached their max, says one makeup artist. {Allure}

Kelly Osbourne is working on designing a jewelry line, but she can't talk about it. Boooooo. We don't like secrets, especially when bracelets are involved. {Styleite}

• It's not rocket science, but it is worth mentioning—actress and Kate Spade muse Bryce Dallas Howard admits that bright, colorful clothes make her feel more social than her old black-on-black-on-black wardrobe did. {People StyleWatch}

Lil Wayne is on the cover of the latest issue of Interview magazine. But that's only half the story. On the inside, the rapper is interviewed by Paris Hilton. That is all. {Highsnobiety}