Britney Spears In Bejeweled Corsets Looks Wonderful. Happy Even. Makes Us Happy. Naysayers Can Suck It.

Britney Spears performs 'Hold It Against Me' for her 'Good Morning America' Taping on March 27, 2011 in San Francisco, California.
Photo: Max Morse/Getty Images

ZOMG you guys. As you know, TOMORROW is the release date of BritBrit's SEVENTH studio album, Femme Fatale. You know this because you have written it in permanent marker on your hand and the fleshy part of your left leg. AAAAAAAAND tomorrow also happens to be the day that she'll be airing "Big Fat Bass," "Till The World Ends," and "Hold It Against Me" on a "Good Morning America" special that she IN REAL LIFE performed (amongst other songs, like even "Slave 4 U"-type cuhlassics *sobs*) for a super-SO-UNFAIR-lucky crowd at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco yesterday. THING IS, she also unveiled some stage MAGIC in Las Vegas on Friday. Fans were lining up for upwards of 12 hours after the flaxen-tressed, golden-voiced GODDESS tweeted that she'd be performing. Sixty-dollar tickets sold out almost immediately, and no wriggle room was to be had despite dispatching rabid flying monkeys with flipcams and nunchucks to lower us into the venue. Pauly D DJ'd! Blessedly, THAT performance was being taped by none other than MTV MWAHAHAHA *twirls mustache* for a special airing next week. A teaser will debut tomorrow on MTV, in tandem with the album release so you can catch it all SOON. Anyway, see how amaaaaazing she looks. From her newly taut physique, clad in a black vinyl corset; jewel-encrusted, belted number with matching fingerless gloves; AND THEN a lace overlaid, zippered onesie with a hat, we loved how straight up triumphant she looked. Peep the gleaming whites of her eyes! We're SO HAPPY SHE'S BACK. You look great Britney. Skype us later! K thx.