Harry Potter Spectrespecs In The New Jeffrey Campbell Catalog? Chic AND Geek!

An image from Jeffrey Campbell's "Girls We Hated In High School" lookbook and Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Photo: Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell, Warner Brothers

We were so stoked when the JC lookbook dropped showcasing—wait for it—BAAAAAAAAAGS (Oprah-sing-song-voice, obvi). My oh my, backpacks and fringe (the cute kind, there has been totes :(((( fringe this season) and just so many highly wantable silhouettes! Plus, the whole series was called "Girls We Hated In High School" and advocated stunting on the Plastics and Megalomaniac bishes the world over. Good stuff. We loved the accessories, the zaniness and thought the delivery was WAY Romy and Michelle in terms of just having fun in high school and otherwise being sort of oblivious to the drama and social upstaging that besets those weirdo years and THEN WE SAW THIS PIC. Awwww amazing. It's Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter's GLASSES. We love everything that is going on. SOLD SOLD SOLD. You have to wait to cop the bags, BUT you can get these glasses now right here.

Luna Lovegood's Spectrespecs
Photo: Warner Brothers

Photo: Jeffrey Campbell