Hot Dude Of The Day: Paul Rudd Can Do Whatever He Wants And Still Look Amazing. Forever. SO CUTE.

Paul Rudd at 'The Book Of Mormon' opening night in New York on March 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Is it just us, or is Paul Rudd one of those dudes who just get handsomer the older they get? Plus, there's something so winsome about how he looks like he straight grabbed his gray blazer and shirt off the floor among various piles of detritus left over from HIM LIVING LIFE. Then, in the best I-don't-even-want-to-think-about-the-rest-of-this-outfit move, he grabbed a gray tie and jeans and called it a night. We love tonal dressing done right. Plus, his disheveled, longer-than-usual hair, thick glasses, and 5 o'clock shadow prove that he knows it makes scant difference what he wears or does when he has the face of a god. Well, a cherubic god. In a tie. Man, his boyish face could've gone south if you really think about it. BUT it didn't. He's even getting crow's feet in a cute way. Awwww. Look, right there. Oh, is this still on? What? *feedback*