Let's Talk About: Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley's Lace Wrist Warmers

Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley and Roger Williams at a Club Whisper party in Philadelphia on March 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh man. We're just so deeply sadfaced that last night's episode was the finale. We kinda can't deal with the prospect of empty yawning months that lie ahead. Weeks and weeks without Snooki's super-savant JEWELS of life wisdom. And we were sorta getting used to Sammi and Ronnie fighting. Like, that white noise that you grow to "not mind" and then "maybe love"? What will we do without all the DRAMZ??? GUUUUuuUuUUUuuuh. Anyway, we're pretty sure we'll still be able to catch 'em in the headlines and pap shots all over town, and on that note, let's direct our collective attention to this picture. Jenni's wearing a graphic T-shirt by Dirtee Hollywood that's a collaboration with sick illustrator, Molly Crabapple, (check out her radicool launch event here) and then she's wearing what appears to be wrist warmers. Or wrist warmers with a fingerless glove element? That's made of lace with a screen-printed design? Now, we're not saying that we're not daring fashion risk-takers, but we're just not quite sure of what's going on here... summer glovin' (HAAAAAAAR *snort*)? Madonna-meets-guidette? Hmm... is it even fair to say Madonna is the first guidette? Have we wandered into murky ethno-risky waters? WHO CAN SAY? Anyway...

+ What say you? A) What ARE these? and B) Summer-glove-wrist-warmers, are they for YOU?