Jena Malone Makes Blue Eye Shadow Actually Look Cool

Jena Malone at the 'Sucker Punch' premiere in Hollywood on March 23.
Photo: Getty Images

We know. We KNOW. Blue eye shadow is the one makeup product that often elicits total cringeface, and evokes horrifying images of big-haired soap opera characters and middle-aged moms in dire need of makeunders. We get it—regardless of how bright it can be, blue powder has a shady past. But we recently spotted Jena Malone, who may, single-handedly, bring the shamed cosmetic out of the darkness. At the Los Angeles premiere of Sucker Punch, the actress got our attention by donning a dusting of pastel blue on her lids. No electric/peacock blue. No major sparkle. No crazy navy cat eyeliner. Instead of us thinking #ewahahahahaha, Jena's makeup game made us want to jump out of our seats, leave work, throw 'bows at all the Times Square tourists, race to Sephora, hunt down the color, dash into the bathroom, and re-create the look. But not until we got one. More. Blog. Post. Up. Feeding the internet is hard :( (even if our job is chatting about makeup... how do we DO it???!!).


STEP 1: Prime your lids with a primer like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($18,, so the shadow doesn't crease. 'Cause blue + creasing = THE WORST.

STEP 2: With a brush sweep a wash of icy blue shadow like MAC eye shadow in Aqua ($14.50, from lash line to crease. Then blend, blend, blend, and drag a little of the powder onto your bottom lash line.

STEP 3: Apply two (or three, if you're feeling fiesty) coats of mascara to your top lashes.

STEP 4: Since your eyes are slightly more dramatic than usual, keep the rest of your face fairly neutral with SHEER pink blush (CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Snow Plum ($3.99, and SHEER pink lipstick or balm (Clinique Chubby Sticks in Woppin Watermelon, $15,

P.S. Your hair should be sleek and unfussy. Curls, headbands, or pins would give this look an Ice Princess look that's totally not flattering unless you're an ice skater or gymnast.