Hot Dude Of The Day: Jesse Williams Is Seriously Hot With Spectacles On, Very Hot Without

Jesse Williams at Dewar's 'Defining The Modern Man' event in Hollywood on March 23.
Photo: Getty Images

JESSE WILLIAAAAAAAAAAMS, HOW ARE YOU SOOOO HOT?!?!?!?! GAAAAAAAH. Whew, sorry. We had to get that off our chest. The Grey's Anatomy star showed up to a Dewar's event in Hollywood yesterday looking so good that it blew our minds. But then, THEN he had to go and give us TWO LOOKS. First, he unbuttoned his navy suit jacket to expose his crisp white shirt and posed with his hands in his pockets in a, "Guys, I'm just happy to be here..." stance. Then, he buttoned up his look (with his striped pocket square in full view [ALSO, he was wearing striped socks]) and slipped on his thick-framed glasses to transform into quite possibly the hottest college professor we've ever seen. (FUN FACT: Jesse used to be a teacher. I mean, what did his female students do OTHER than write very elaborate, steamy fanfic about him?) Our favorite look of the two? The glasses. But we can only look at his reflection in things or pictures because if he stares directly at us, we might spontaneously combust.