Un-Prettying Lace For All The Time Wear

Taylor Swift in London on March 23, Whitney Port at a 'What to Wear, Where' celebration in West Hollywood on March 10, and Emily Browning at the 'Sucker Punch' premiere in Hollywood on March 23.
Photo: Getty Images

Lace is by nature girly/feminine/frilly/flirty/gamine/coquettish... sooorta gaggy. Like, we agree that it's pretty and attractive and clean-looking, but sometimes it's a little one note. Like, too much of a good thing or something. Doily chic, some would say. So to toughen it up so that you don't look like you're going to tea with the queen and wearing a teeny tiny fussy hat about it, one has to be quite the smarty pants fashion plate. BRAIN SURGEONS, really. Our girls Taylor Swift, Whitney Port, and Emily Browning must be genius people with foooiiiine motor skills then. Check out (and take notes) how they gave their frou-frou frocks the gully (LOL JK, we mean "rugged") treatment...Taylor dressed down her flippy Topshop minidress with a black belt, somewhat masculine shoes and a black full skirt/slip/whatever you call it underneath. Then there's Whitney, who whipped her shift into casual shape with a manly leather clutch and python booties (the better to STOP ass in). Finally Emily; we love how she gave her sleeveless cocktail dress a touch of goth by swiping her pout with a layer of SUPER DARK BROODING purple lipstick. Well played, ladies.