Rachel Zoe and Tyra LOVED Mikaela's Wedges On 'America's Next Top Model' And So Did We. Get 'Em.

Mikaela on 'America's Next Top Model.'
Photo: Courtesy of the CW

Last night's "America's Next Top Model" was as catty (reeeeeer! hisssssssss! somethingsomething baby leopards *scrrrraaaatch* ZOMG sidebar, but did you guys read this today? #catsrule) as ever. There was the typical infighting, DIARY READING and a host of other despicable behavior (one literal case of "hugging it out" [and it worked! I <3 being a girl), but the part that the judges were 100 percent on board/supportive/not-tryna-outdo-each-other-with-quips was how much they loved Mikaela's gingham shoes. Now, some of us at MTV Style either own or have visited or stalked these Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel"s in leather, floral, blue, red, black etc., etc., so we thought we'd let you know where you could cop them too if you weren't as shoe stalky as we are. Here and also here. Now, VERY IMPORTANT. Would you ever wear ankle socks with these? We're thinking maaaaaaaybe black fishnet socklettes. Anything light would be way too costumey right? Or wrong? Hmmm....