The 'Ahem' Heard 'Round The World (Or Just Right Here): A Response To Coco Perez


Look it. Far be it for us to besmirch the infallible veracity of everything Perez Hilton. Like, in life or in fever dreams wherein sensory faculties are compromised, but we can ID dude as being important and best when looking upon us favorably. HOWEVER, check out this Coco Perez post DUB. TEE. EFF??!! Ummmmmm. If you're a loyal reader (as all of you should be), you'll remember we figured out YESTERDAY that Jessica Simpson's tweet regarding her "scuba shoes" was meant in jest. And we knew because we correctly ID'd the shoes as designed by Paul Schietekat. Coco Perez was all, "Jessica Simpson 'announced' she's expanding her shoe line to scuba fins." Throughout the afternoon, a slew of sites picked up the story and ran with it. One full day later, aka today (that's like math, right?) Coco Perez is all, "Nice try, Jess" and to that say: AHEM. Or in modern (so modern) internet parlance: FIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!