Hot Dude Of The Day: Who Is Reece Thompson? Related: Is He My Husband?

Reece Thompson at the 'Ceremony' premiere in Hollywood on March 22.
Photo: Getty Images

So we spotted this scrumptious little man-nugget on the red carpet at a Ceremony premiere in Hollywood last night, and we just HAD to find out who he was. We discovered his name was Reece Thompson, so we immediately went to his IMDB to cyber stalk, and basically... we still have NO idea who he is. What we did find out was: He's from Canada, he's 22 years old (baby), he was in some movie with Mischa Barton and Bruce Willis, and he's REALLY FREAKING ADORABLE. Just last night he wore a gray three-piece suit, an orange and green striped shirt, a navy blue tie, black lace-up shoes, and flashed a good ol' pair of dimples (awww, look at em). We're HUGE fans of his, "Yeah, I don't pluck my eyebrows, so what?" look and that scruff is basically killlingggggg us. So Reece, darling, it's nice to officially meet you. See you around the internetz.