Remembering Elizabeth Taylor In An Admittedly Oddball Way. We Are Into It. Don’t Judge.

Photo: Getty Images

Like you, we here at MTV Style woke up to the startling and upsetting news that queen of Hollywood and ample-bosomed home to some of the universe’s best jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor, had passed away. As we perused the wires, we kept being reminded of how important a fashion and beauty icon Ms. Taylor was throughout her career. Like, did you know that the $194,800 budget for Elizabeth Taylor’s 65 costumes in 1963’s Cleopatra was the highest ever for a single screen actor (like bolts of REAL GOLD FABRIC). Oh, and bet you didn’t know that she was born with two rows of eyelashes…yes, really. Plus, she shaved her entire face to exfoliate it? Annnnnd, even though she was in her upper 70s, she tweeted up until February under “DameElizabeth” (of course, DameElizabeth!), and once said: “Life without earrings is empty!

Gah, we love this lady. Kiiiinda can’t deal how much we’ll miss her. So while other blogs and media outlets are honoring the legend through elegant photo montages and tearjerker memoriams, we here at MTV Style are giving Elizabeth Taylor her propers by pouring out some White Diamonds Parfums de Coeur and whipping up some DIY fashion (if we owned the mint and could print money in her likeness we’d SO do that instead). Sorta like the Johnny Depp Crybaby shirts that we hold so dear. Now, go forth and make one yourself and rock it hard…with cubic zirconium.

Photo: Getty Images

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