Oops! Perez Hilton Gets DUPED By Jessica Simpson Shoe Tweet

Photo: Courtesy of @JessicaSimpson


Sooooo, Jessica Simpson tweeted yesterday that she has "scuba gear coming soon" for her Jessica Simpson Collection and then linked to these SUPER GROSSMONSTER HYBRID FLIPPER STILETTO BARFS and continued to write, "Heels for every occasion ;)" We then noticed that Perez Hilton blogged about it on Coco Perez saying, "Jessica Simpson announced she's expanding her shoe line to scuba fins. This is almost as silly as that non-water friendly bathing suit." We were all like, "What? This can't be real. This bish made like eighteen majillion squillion dollars on shoes last year..." But then, our unflappable sleuth skills kicked in, which is about the time that we noticed the presence of a, WAIT FOR IT, winky face! Turns out, Stylelist wrote about these weirdo flipper heels, like, a thousand years ago (OK, it was 2007), and they aren't even REAL SHOES. They are an art installation piece by a Belgian sculptor named Paul Schietekat entitled "High Tide Heels." Sorry Perez, strike through update winky frowny face that jam. You got hornswoggled. #flimflam

Are those heels for REAL?
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Schietekat