Get The Look: Taylor Swift's Anthropologie Dress

Taylor Swift in London on March 22, 2011.
Photo: Courtesy of & Anthropologie

Taylor Swift has this uncanny knack for looking perfectly ladylike and pristinely pretty in a way that seems impossible to mimic UNTIL YOU FIND OUT SHE SHOPS AT REGULAR STORES. Granted, our curls may get a little mussed and our posture may not be as elegant (or tall), but we love that we can cop this look at Anthropologie (shop for it here) and wear it our way anointed by the spirit of Ms. Swift. We think it would look just as cute retro'd up by way of a shrunken black, three-quarter-length sweater in black or white and platform T-strap heels or in simple sandals for a picnic. Oooooh, you know what would look amazing? This dress, plus a picnic basket, on a bicycle... You guys, we are SO ready for summer.