Nail, Yeah! Look To Try: The Cutout Manicures

Half-painted manicures!
Photo: Courtesy of Wah Nails

After watching Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss rave about London-based nail shop Wah Nails, we spent the next, uh, 15.5 hours (just being honest!) ogling at all of the INSANE nail designs that the boutique shows off on their blog. During the nailgazing (YEAH, WE SAID IT), we couldn't help but notice our sistren on the other side of the pond are letting some of their natural nails peek through the design. We're not sure if the Brits have been doing this for-like-ever and we're super late pass, but either way we dig the festive-feel of it all, which presumably involves covering parts with tape that you've laboriously cut shapes and angles out of. Totally doable. Just make sure your tape isn't super-duper grippy (hello 3M brand Scotch!) and that you peel deftly before the jams dry.