(Ruined) Hot Dude Of The Day: Clive Owen And His Gross Dad ‘Stache

Clive Owen at the ’Trust’ premiere in Los Angeles on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, man. Clive. CLIIIIIIIIIVE. What the hell, dude. We get that you’re a father. We understand that this douchechill dad ’stache is for a role because you are an actor-man who embodies other peoples who are way less attractive than you but bro, you are KILLING ME. You look like you’re wearing a middle management policeman (no disrespect, those people are HEROES [but not necessarily lookers SORREEE]) and the facial hair/bushy-brow combo is drawing my eye to the fact that the circumference of your neck has thickened in a way that makes you less DILF (Dad I’d Like to Forge… meaningful dialogue on important matters of a PG-13 nature) and just someone’s dad. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that. I just means I’m pouring some out for your former hotness that we’re crossing fingers and toes will be exhumed for a movie really soon before all THIS *makes an around the world hand gesture at screen* settles. We still think you’re a dynamite thespian though. And the suit + no tie + crisp shirt combo still TWERKS. #butterface

Clive Owen at the Bulgari 125th anniversary celebration in Paris on Dec. 9.
Photo: Getty Images

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