Breaking! Willow Smith Looks Like A Street Fighter Character. To Where It Is SERIOUSLY Uncanny.

Willow Smith performs in Manchester, England on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Uuuuuuum you guys. And by "you guys," I mean, ALL AWESOME PEOPLE WHO PLAY STREET FIGHTER AND/OR HAVE EYES. Check out the outfit similarities. I know there is a great deal of pressing World News and this here internet is just one rabid land grab where we scrabble like wild animals for the swiftly dwindling attention spans of a readership that is already so bored with this sentence like I am bored writing it because I am no read books but LOOK AT THIS. Doesn't this bring you joy? Remember joy? It smells like how the first bite of waffle tastes. With ice cream. And bits of vanilla specks that identify the ice cream as real quality. And if you don't know who the Street Fighter character is, it's M. Bison (aka Master Bison). He's evil. Learn about him here. Or don't learn about it because who has time???? *Drinks ALL the coffee, flips table and sets fire to hair*