Get The Look: Lo Bosworth's Top-To-Bottom Topshop Outfit

Lo Bosworth in West Hollywood, California, on March 20.
Photo: Courtesy of OutfitID

Man, I need to do a Topshop run SOON. Couple of things here on this Lo Bosworth outfit that I heart. I mean, I get that it's not, like, CUHRAZY or set-yourself-on-fire attention grabby, but the trick here that Lo (or her stylist/shopping butler/Topshop salesperson that she robbed etc etc) nails is that when she saw this scoop-neck, handkerchief hemmed, pocketed (!!!), nigh-tunic-length topper is that her brain didn't go straight into autopilot and think it could only be worn with skinny jeans or leggings (and flats). And the reason that you can successfully tuck a shirt like this in as far as she has is that she paired it with a leather skirt. The animal hide (or whatever if it's synthetic, relax PETA) is sturdy enough to flatten the extra fabric (we bet the tights are helping out with a half tuck) without giving you Shar-Pei bulges. And the simplicity of the black-on-black-on-black of the bottom half of the ensemble draws the eye to the subtle gathers at the neckline. Plus, bonus hat tip *slow clap* points is that her tights are not opaque, which keeps the look as breezy as the shirt. Nab the shirt (and feel free to wear with leggings, no judgment) and grab the skirt while you're at it. It's the perfect accompaniment to a ratty old concert tee just as it is something elegant and ethereal as a blouse that you don't call a "blouse" because that word "blouse" is so weird. It's like a half-step from "moist." Barf.