How-To: Nicole Scherzinger's Braided Hair Wrap Headband

Nicole Scherzinger sighted on in Paris on March 17.
Photo: Getty Images

We've seen our fair share of crown braids. Last spring and summer they were all over the place (we bet you rocked one or 30 of them yourself), but the thing with crown braids is that they can sometimes look too kitschy...too girly...too ever-so-slightly milk maidish. But what Nicole Scherzinger showed off while hanging out in Paris yesterday was a completely fresh variation (crown braid 2.0, if you will), and ridiculously wearable. Here's how to style bite.

STEP 1 For a texture-boost, finger comb a dollop of styling mousse throughout your strands.

STEP 2 Part your hair down the middle—from your hairline to the top of your head.

STEP 3 Grab a 2- to 4-inch chunk of hair from behind one ear. Starting from the root, fishtail braid the section, securing the end with a small elastic. Don't know how to fishtail braid? We got you, gurl. Click here for a quick refresher.

STEP 4 Pull the braid over to the other side of your head (it should sit in the middle of your part), and secure it behind your ear with two bobby pins. To keep the braid from slipping and sliding, stick a few more bobbies along the braid and you're done. Gorgeous.