It's T-Shirt Time: 'Jersey Shore' Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 25)

Relationships (the good, bad, and ugly) took center stage in the latest episode of Jersey Shore. Sammi and Ronnie tried to hash out their differences from last week (as you may recall, she half-hooked-up with a fella from her nabe) over hot dogs and wine. Then there was this weird sitch where Ronnie's mom, while drunk, called the casties to express her concern for her son's relationship with Sammi. Straaaange. Meanwhile, Vinny and Snooki went out for burgers to discuss their relationship that's not really a relationship, but that they kind of sort of want to become a relationship. And, Pauly D's "stalker" Danielle popped up at club Aztec AGAIN to, well, stalk. Yeah, yeah, yeah...what about the clothes?!

VINNY'S GANGSTA PIERCED EARS: Vinny bites the bullet to get his EARS pierced like all of the other casties (girls and guys). Pauly D admits that he got his pierced when he was seven. Vinny may be a late bloomer, but now he "looks like a big pimp." So, HUH!

Photo: MTV

DEENA'S DENIM: Rocking head-to-toe denim, Deena got her bubble bursted by "style expert" Pauly D, who said that all-jean ensembles haven't been cool for years. Whatever. Haters, they gonna hate.

Photo: MTV

THE KOOL-AID KICKS: Deena apparently got Kool-Aid on the white part of one of Vinny's Air Jordans. Hmm, we didn't see it. Did you?

Photo: MTV


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