Exclusive Video! Alexis Krauss From Sleigh Bells Dishes About Makeup, Nail Art And Bangs

Hey dudes. As you all know, some of us trekked down to Austin, Texas, to produce the 2011 Woodie Awards and to report live from the SXSW scene like our very own Tamar Anitai, who's not only intrepid and hilarious but also kind enough to bless us with this awesome, behind-the-scenes video featuring the mega-gorge Alexis Krauss #swoonswoonswoon of Sleigh Bells. In this exclusive segment, Tamar (whose complete reportage assemblage can be found on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog) and Alexis discuss pressing style issues such as Cleopatra as a sartorial icon, the uniquely important inclusion of glitter in your makeup and nail polish, as well as where Alexis gets all her ridic cute clothes. Also mentioned: The best nail salons in London and the deep, dark origin story of Ms. Krauss's first decision to get blunt, brow-length bangs. All this and more below (ed note: YO TAMAR, what lipstick you wearing, girl? The pop of scarlet in matte is major. DM me.).