Who Wore Dolce & Gabbana Best: Scarlett Johansson, Kate Bosworth, Or Diane Kruger?

Scarlett Johansson covers 'Vogue China' April 2011, Kate Bosworth at 'Nylon' magazine's March Issue Celebration in Los Angeles on March 10, Diane Kruger at the "Unknown" premiere in Westwood, California, on Feb. 16.
Photo: Vogue/Getty Images

Wow. Talk about "body-con." You gotta have killer legs to pull off this teeny-tiny, lacy, sleeveless Dolce dress. And while ScarJo, Bosworth and Kruger all have undeniably bananas gams with scorching-hot bodies to match, we have to say that the somewhat baggier fit of Bosworth's leaves something to be desired. We understand the intention of dressing it down with a military jacket and boots for a lower-key event, but it's detracting from the details like the baubled scoop-neck and waist. Scarlett's shorter, tousled coif looks spectacular on this issue of Vogue China and we love just the hint of shine in her earrings, but there's a certain, pulled-together appeal of Ms. Kruger's tidily assembled bun and neutral shoes that plays up the juuuuust-shy-of-prissy intention of the dress. We know we can't see Scarlett's shoes, but this round goes to Diane. Nicely done. Now go away. We hate you *returns to a soul-crushing lunch of steamed broccoli*.

Winner: Diane Kruger