Who's That Cute Brit 'It' Girl? Jessie J, Fearne Cotton, And Bip Ling

When we're not contemplating getting bangs, stalking rando hot dudes and over-caffeinating to see if anything really bad happens (nosebleeds and hyperactivity don't count. JK about the nosebleeds, please see a licensed professional in the event that this happens exclusively from coffee thx.), we have our faces all up in the internet praising and passing judgment on all the fashionable pretty ladies from the whole entire world. Lately, we've been adoring all the shiny lovelies from Londontown especially Jessie J, Fearne Cotton, and electro-percussive-sounding Bip Ling. IDK if you're way better at Brit-stalking than we are, so bare with us if you're all, *eye-roll you DON'T know who they AAAARE?* about it. But we thought we'd share our enthusiasm for these stylish 'It" girls by learning who they are and passing on the knowledge to you.


Jessie J at a Brit Awards after party in London on Feb. 15, at a Vivienne Westwood jewelry launch party in London on Feb. 18, and at the BBC Maida Vale Studios in London on March 4.
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OK, so apparently Jessie J (born Jessie Ellen Cornish) is super-duper famous across the pond. The chart-topping singer was named "BBC Sound of 2011," and her voice is this gloriously old-school meld that had crazy range and can run the gamut from pop to soul. She's got B.o.B guest-starring on her single 'Price Tag,' and her full-length debut, Who You Are, is slated for an April 12 release. Plus, she just did SNL over the weekend and nailed it! The other crazy thing is that while you might not know her/know her, you'll know her songs. She cowrote the mega-big Miley Cyrus single "Party in the U.S.A." What we love about her is her penchant for cutout catsuits, blunt bangs, demure nose ring, ballsy sense of fashion humor and 360 unflappable awesomeness. I mean, seriously, her color play is major. Follow her on Twitter to learn more.


Fearne Cotton at the Mulberry Salon Show in London on Feb. 20, at a photocall to launch her summer 2011 collection for very.co.uk in London on March 15, and leaving Radio One Studios in London on March 10.
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We all remember that Justin Timberlake and BritBrit were Mouseketeers (and almost always forget that Ryan Gosling was one too!), but in England they've got this thing on ITV called the "Disney Club," where Fearne Cotton made her small-screen debut at 15. A string of kids shows followed, and several stints as presenter of shows like "Top of the Pops" landed her the plum gig of hosting BBC's Radio 1 "Chart Show" as their first regular female star (a very big deal over there apparently). She moved stateside in 2008, and you might know her as the cohost of NBC reality show "Last Comic Standing." But if you don't, now that you know who she is, we're pretty sure you'll start seeing her around as much as we do. Isn't it weird how that happens? Fearne's Twitter page can be found here. Aaaaaand check out her outfits on "What's Fearne Wearing Today", a feature on the BBC web site. So. Many. Gems.


Bip Ling at the NME Awards in London on Feb. 23, at the PPQ and OFFICE launch party in London on March 15, and at the Mulberry A/W 2011 aftershow in London on Feb. 20.
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OMGAAAAWWG. Isn't Bip Ling just so so so pretty? We totally want to be besties with this model, DJ, fashion blogger except that it would pretty much be this bummer in real life where every male friend and/or crush would be asking us to hook them up and it would be demoralizing. But then she'd give us this shrunken military jacket that she's totally "over," and we'd be stuck and grateful and in love again. Her likes include Care Bears and My Little Pony, and her collaborative illustrations with London-based artist Margot Bowman, have captured the attention of Top Shop, who commissioned a bunch of work for London Fash Week. Here's her feed. Love her sense of proportion, hair and lipstick, but her eyebrows are to die for.