Hot Dudes Of The Day: Pit Stop With James Franco, River Viiperi, And Zac Efron

James Franco on the cover of 'Vogue Hommes' and River Viiperi on the cover of 'Coitus.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Vogue Hommes' International and 'Coitus.'

"Manscaping" has been a thing now for years, and just as way-too-waxed brows give us a mean case of the douchechills, we tend to love dudes on the hairier side over here at MTV Style. We love a little beard scruff here, a little bedhead there, but lately there's a hot new follicular trend that desperately NEEDS to be discussed. Is it just us or is armpit the new upskirt? Dudes like James Franco, River Viiperi, and Zac Efron just can't seem to keep their brolic biceps down, and weirdly we are sorta intrigued? What IS that? James Franco gave us an up-close of his pit bristle on the cover of Vogue Hommes while wearing a black tank. Spanish male model River Viiperi went shirtless on the Coitus (I'll say!) cover and gave us a sassy kissy face to boot. Zac Efron was spotted doing some chin-ups on Manhattan Beach in just a pair of jorts (cutoff jean shorts, obvi) with his netherarms in full view. Normally we're not into ogling the epicenter of dude stank, but when superdelicious manfolk like James Franco rock a magazine cover no sweat (heh), we're inching toward being onboard. What do you think?

Zac Efron on Manhattan Beach on March 13.
Photo: Courtesy of 'NW Magazine'.