Breaking News: Onesies And Rompers Still Important. Also, Still Very Cute.

In critical trouser/top hybrid news, it seems that our very own Whitney Port recently attended and danced at a "Onesie Party" where everyone wore some sort of romper. We were slightly on the fence about revisiting the trend this spring and summer what with it being dumb everywhere last year (and some of us maaaaaybe being too old for it, ahem, just me), but then we scoured the interwebs to discover that a) Them shiz are still everyplace and b) Them shiz are still really cute. So no matter what the hatingest of the haters say about the look (YO, what's up with pretty much EVERY dude being "meh" on rompers? What say you dude readers, do you hate 'em? If so, WAI?), we will be definitely be doing onesies this season aaaaaaaand we may rock them with long-sleeved shirts underneath, blazers and tights into the dead of winter too. Suck it, naysayers.


The classic rompers!
Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21, ModCloth, and Madewell


+ Forever 21 Heart Print Romper ($22.80,

+ ModCloth Gallop With Glamour Romper ($79.99,

+ Madewell Rare Blooms Romper ($59.99,


Collared onesies!
Photo: Courtesy of ModCloth, Dear Creatures, and Topshop.

See, OK, I could totally see wearing these to work provided you paired them with tights and a light cardigan. You'd risk freezing to death if you bare-legged it anyway. And by "work" I mean a low-key, sorta-casual deals. Not recommended for oncologists and prosecutors.


+ ModCloth Ra Ra Romper ($89.99.

+ Dear Creatures Patch Romper ($154,

+ Topshop Tan Bow Front Color Block Playsuit ($110,


Solid rompers!
Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Need Supply.

Easy, peasy weekend dates, brunch, picnics and BIKE RIDING (if you freakishly enjoy active, outdoorsy verbs).


+ Forever 21 Chambray Sweetheart Romper ($24.80,

+ Silence & Noise Crepe V-Neck Romper ($59,

+ Samantha Pleet Castaway Romper ($280,


Photo: Courtesy of Zara, Nasty Gal, Forever 21, and Macy's.

See, this to me is what makes the new batches of rompers sorta awesome and different from last year. We're already thinking about micro-floral maxi dresses and looooooong skirts to pair with tanks and men's work shirts and pajama pants and heels, so this is perfectly complementary to the '90s silhouette. You don't have to think about what to wear on top. Tooootally worth the extra effort it takes to go to the bathroom. CASE CLOSED.


+ Zara Long Printed Jumpsuit ($69.90,

+ 6 Shore Road Shelter Jumpsuit ($98,

+ Forever 21 Woven Jumpsuit ($24.80,

+ Buffalo Jeans Jumpsuit ($84.99,

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