GaGa Answers Your Questions!

Raise your claw if you want answers.
Photo: Getty Images

The one and only Lady Gaga is taking to the interweb to answer YOUR questions! She'll be spilling it all through this awesome newfangled information superhighway gizmo called Google Moderator (where people can vote to rank the best submitted questions—so they'd better be good!) to gather up exactly three BAZILLION questions that may or may not break some servers. It's super easy to participate: Just submit your questions to GaGa's YouTube Channel or on Twitter with #hashtag #GoogleGoesGaga by the end of the day on Friday, March 18, and then pray that you are clever and compelling enough to be picked.

Now, here are just a few things we're DYING for Gagaloo to answer:

+ Who is the most important living designer?

+ What brand of underpants do you wear? Why? [FOLLOW UP: Could your underpants still be described as underpants?]

+ If you had to name your current hairdo what would it be called? Why?

+ Where'd you shop before you went all designer?

+ What are the tallest shoes you've walked in? Do you own flats? Would you EVER wear flats?

+ What's the cheapest thing you've purchased recently (not counting perishables) and how much was it?

+ Have you ever used ProActiv?

+ Have you ever personally worn a frock constructed entirely of meat? JK. JK.

+ What makeup product do you LOVE?

+ How frequently do you wash your hair?

+ What's your favorite magazine (dead or alive)?

+ What is your favorite nail polish brand/color and your favorite nail shape, and do you enjoy that this counts as one question as much as we do?

+ Describe a GaGa wedding—dress and all.


+ What would YOU ask?