Our GIF To You: Chloë Sevigny's Hypnotic Face

Chloë Sevigny attends the GO International Designer Collective Launch at the Ace Hotel on March 10, 2011, in New York City.
Photo: Getty Images, Gif: Lauren Reid

Happy Friday! We were looking at the galleries from this week's events when we happened upon our grrrrrrl Chloë Sevigny, who wore pieces from her own collection for Opening Ceremony to Target's GO International Designer Collective Launch. From the mesmerizing animal print to the transfixing gaze to whatever is going on with her hair, we just couldn't stop looking at it. So we made this. Now you can staaaaaare foreeeeeeeeever.

+ Lesley Peter Pan Collar Flared Dress ($475, Opening Ceremony)

+ NaNa Heeled Chelsea Boot ($395, Opening Ceremony)