Hot Dude Of The Day: Bradley Cooper And His Surprisingly Appealing Bedhead

Bradley Cooper outside BBC Radio 1 in London on March 11.
Photo: Getty Images

We're jealous that Bradley Cooper can literally roll out of bed (see: coffee) and still look this... mmm... magical. ANYWAY, while visiting BBC Radio 1 in London today, he wore a mishmashed layered ensemble that included a light brown scarf, blue and white striped tee, black leather jacket, navy coat, light blue trousers, casual hiking shoes, and brown plastic frame glasses. We're used to seeing him on the red carpet all smooth and "Blue Steel," so we were kind of happy to spot him looking a bit aloof in his tousled 'do and thick glasses. He just looks so... real. Call us!

+ Do you like Bradley Cooper's just-got-out-of-bed look?