It's T-Shirt Time: 'Jersey Shore' Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 24)

If you think the Jersey Shore roomies would be caught twiddling their thumbs on a rainy day, think again. Vinny invited Pauly D to go to Staten Island for a good ol' fam dinner, and the girls got their nails DID. Even though Mike "The Situation" stayed indoors, he hung out with Lean Cuisine, JWOWW's cutie patootie pooch, feeding him peanut butter and fluff. And you KNOW what happens when you give dogs human food. Meanwhile, JWOWW *thinks* she sees Roger doing the dip in his car with another girl. AND, Ronnie and Sammi "I'll never kiss Ron again!" smooch and make up....Psyyyyche!

SNOOKI'S SITUATION FACIAL: After Vinny notices a few pimples on Snooki's face, The Situation gets all esthetician and gave her an anti-acne facial mask. Snooks commenced to channel a mime.

Photo: MTV

VINNY'S SPRAY TAN: "Casper the Ghost" (er, Vinny) exfoliated and went spray tanning (PSA: spray tans are the safest tans) to look like a "fist-pumping guido." Mission accomplished.

Photo: MTV

THE SITUATIONS "FRAGRANCE LAUNCH": After letting JWOWW's dogs have free reign of the house, The Situation gets found out because the pups smell like his cologne. Hmmm, we wonder what The Situation smelled like after rubbing his face on poopy pups.

Photo: MTV


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