Nicky Hilton Or Jaime King: Who Wore A Leopard Sequin Dress Best? Psssst It's Only A Hundred Bucks!

Nicky Hilton and Jaime King at the UK Style by French Connection launch party in Hollywood on March 9.
Photo: Getty Images

The tricky thing about attending a brand launch event is that you run the risk of wearing the exact same frock as another guest. When this happens to you, there are two options: Be slightly embarrassed and wink or smile at your fashion twinsy, OR flip a table of champagne flutes, set things on fire, and cry while yelling at the other lady about how you'll "destroy" her. In any case, both Nicky Hilton and Jaime King likely opted for the former, so it's up to us to make it dramatic. Who do you think looks cuter? We're going to go ahead and say Nicky since we do think the silhouette needs a bit of a cinch, but we love Jaime's hair. That said, we do also think that Nicky's belt is a little on the too-thick side, so we did a little shopping for sleeker options. Check out the dress for yourself, it's only $100!

Clockwise from top left: Topshop studded skinny belt, Forever 21 ultra skinny belt, Gorjana double wrap skinny belt, and Saks Fifth Avenue skinny bow belt.
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop/Forever 21/ShopBop/Saks Fifth Avenue