Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: How To Wear Harem Pants Successfully

Nubia Mejia, Annie Li, and Stella Eneanya.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Nubia's Nonsense, Skirts And Skin, J'adore Fashion

OK, so here's the thing. Harem pants can actually be cool. We know, we know; they will always and forever be associated with Mister M.C. Hammer himself, but they're seeing a maaaajor trend resurgence of late that could change everything. And after seeing these three stylish bloggers take a stab at it, we're willing to give these roomy trousers a try. Nubia Mejia of Nubia's Nonsense, Annie Li of Skirts And Skins, and Stella Eneanya of J'adore Fashion all demonstrate how uniquely adaptable this look can be. 'Can't touch this' (har, har,) just yet? Read on and we're pretty sure you'll switch your 'tude.

Nubia Mejia of Nubia's Nonsense

Blog: Twitter: @nubiasnonsense.

Girl's got a lot going on in this outfit. With her patterned top, sheer/fur bolero and red braided vintage rope belt, Nubia's choice to go the way of the harem is a bold one. But by making her lower half monochromatic and slyly tucked into boots, she's able to balance out the busy feel of her top without sacrificing any personality. The high waist of the Forever 21 pant cinches her teeny-tiny waist into a beautifully feminine silhouette.

Annie Li of Skirts And Skin


Annie earns major kudos for taking on the high risk factor of velveteen as her fabric of choice. And luckily, it pays off. The slim, tapered leg prevents the trousers (by Necessary) from overtaking her frame, especially when compounded by a baggy tee. We also love the sheer, polka dot cutout print of her Forever 21 top. It adds a fun detail to an otherwise minimal look. Harem brings a lot of punch on its own, so there's no need to pile on too many extra details.

Stella Eneanya of J'adore Fashion

Blog: Twitter: @JadoreFashions.

Here's another look we covet. Stella's plaid pants (also Forever 21!) are the standout piece here, so we applaud her for keeping the rest of her look simple to complement that. Her turquoise jewelry is juuust the right amount of color and contrast without overshadowing the pants, which do all the talking here (and have a lot to say). Plus, this outfit proves that the general fear of harem pants swallowing your legs up whole is completely unfounded. Look how long and elegant Stella's gams are. Case closed.


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