Video Sneak Peek! Kat Graham Wears The Blonds

Kat Graham at her music video shoot for "I Want It All" on March 8 and a look from The Blonds' "Strange Fruit" collection.
Photo: Courtesy of The Blonds

Vampire Diaries actress and budding singer Kat Graham shot the video for her new single "I Want It All" this past weekend in San Bernadino, Calif. Gone are the bedazzled eyes and candy-color lips (at least in this shot), replaced by something just as theatrical. Seemingly channeling Mad Max, the 21-year-old Graham rocked a silver and black chain and crystal corset by The Blonds, which debuted in their Fall 2010 "Strange Fruit" collection. She teamed the incredible bustier with I'm-going-to-kick-you-in-the-head platform combat boots, gigantic hair and armfuls of silver cuffs. You know climbing up a hill of old-school tubes in the middle of a rocky desert wasn't easy--what with the bajillion pounds of hardware--but you know the payoff will be worth it. Gaaaaaah... we can't wait 'til this drops.

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