Amanda Seyfried Or Hailee Steinfeld: Who Wore Prada Best?

Amanda Seyfried covers the April issue of 'Elle,' Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 30.
Photo: Circe Baumgartner/MTV

Whoa. First of all, Amanda Seyfried's whole situation right here is pre-tty CRAMAZING. Holy cripes, the hair, the bicep divot, the colors, the hugemongous intensity-eyeballs... kinda awesome for the new Red Riding Hood (which opens this weekend to our 360 pssyyyyyyyched-itude.). Our girl Hailee Steinfeld from last year's Coen Bros.-directed, True Grit, is also giving us dynamite teapot-pose, flowing tresses, gloriously natural brows, and a sweet demeanor, but who nailed it? Close call, but with the closer crop on this Elle magazine shot, we gotta say round: Seyfried. There's just something so darn dowdy about the gathered panel for Hailee's slight frame and the fact that Seyfried's chestal areas make her neckline more a scoop than a straight across wins for us. Plus, we like the continuity of the striped straps vs. Hailee's all-black. Plus, plus, let's not forget the magic of postproduction Photoshop.

Winner: Amanda Seyfried.