Blake Lively's Chanel Handbag Campaign Hits, Designer Jean Paul Gaultier And Others Support John Galliano, And More Fashion News

An image from Blake Lively's Chanel campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel.

• What's Blake Lively's secret to landing huge fashion campaigns like this new one from Chanel? Chocolate ice cream and the Lion King soundtrack, says the Gossip Girl. Sweet! {The Cut}

Jean Paul Gaultier, Jessica Stam, and Roberto Cavalli have openly expressed that they don't believe the racist/anti-semitic allegations against fellow designer John Galliano. {Huffington Post}

• The "college dropout" may be headed back to school. Rumor has it that Kanye West has applied to study at the Central Saint Martins College in London toward a fashion-related master's degree. {Vulture}

• Here's something to keep you from twiddling your thumbs on a rainy day: step-by-step instructions to create a DIY Proenza Schouler bungee cord bracelet (pssst, if you were to buy the real thing, it'd set you back $150!). {Meet Me On the Catwalk}

eBay might as well be called eBiebs (good one!), because after auctioning locks of his hair for over $40,000, Justin Bieber is now using the retail site to hawk an autographed pair of worn purple Nike sneaks for charity. {Coco Perez}

• Who is this fashionista that got to style one of the Dolce & Gabbana windows in a Milan store, and then got to take home all of the garments she used? And, WHY can't we be her? Just sayin'. {Glamour}

• In the latest "what dress will princess-to-be Kate Middleton wear on her wedding day" news, the designer du jour is Alexander McQueen. This is one rumor we can see becoming reality. {NY Times}

• We (heart) Costco. Where else can you get a case of pigs-in-the-blanket and a wedding dress in the same aisle? {Styleite}