It's T-Shirt Time: 'Jersey Shore' Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 23)

In this episode of Jersey Shore, Sammi returns to "the madness" (aka Seaside), and while Snooki, JWOWW, and Deena are "hecstatic," the boys are, err, shocked/confused/slightly angry. When Sammi slips into her blue minidress, Ronnie can't help to suck up just a little, but then he realizes he might be better off by taking a step (or 10 back). Meanwhile, Snooki obsesses (and cries under her leopard print blanket) over Vinny.

JWOWW'S SPRAY TAN: JWOWW was so excited for her reunion with boyfriend Roger, that she went spray tanning in the buff.

Photo: MTV

RONNIES HAZMAT SUIT: The toilet strikes again, and it's Ronnie's turn to suit up in gloves made out of baggies and nose plugs made out of tissue to unclog the toilet for the hundreth-millioneth time. Not a good look (or smell!).

Photo: MTV

SAMMI'S SPA-LIKE GLOW: Time away from the house does a Sammi good...the girls compliment her on how great she looks—toes look good, nails look good, skin looks good. Then she turns around and calls Ronnie pale. Sammi, dahling, Ron's the same hue as you!

Photo: MTV


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