Let's Talk About: Rachel Bilson's New Bangs

Rachel Bilson on Feb. 24 in West Hollywood and at London Fashion Week on Feb. 21 in London.
Photo: JustJared/WireImage

Actress Rachel Bilson is the latest celeb to take advantage of fringe benefits. The former star of The OC was spotted leaving a West Hollywood salon yesterday with new brow-skimming bangs. But it wasn’t just the haircut that caught our attention. Check out her subtle ombre highlights (GORGE), her dark square sunglasses (COOL), her scarf that adds a little color to her ensemble (SMART), and her studded Burberry handbag (AMAZING). We think Rachel and her fab casual style would stand out on the street, whether she was a star or not.

+ Do you like Rachel Bilson's overall look with or without bangs?