It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 22)

After weeks of bickering and fighting at Seaside (Ronnie! Sammi!), a glimpse of fun finally returns in this episode of Jersey Shore. Ronnie contemplates leaving the house (it's just too depressing without Sammi), but after a chat with Papa Ortiz-Magro, he decides to stick it out. Snooki gets stood up by the cousin (or the friend's cousin's cousin) of a former hookup—yeah...we we’re confused, too—so she sets her eyes on smushing Vinny, who isn’t having any of it. But the episode kicker: Sammi returns to the house, new glasses and all!

THE BOYS' NEW TOY: While taking an extra long lunch break at the T-shirt shop, Mike "The Situation" tries to win this mini-motorcycle at a boardwalk game booth. He ends up buying it and bringing it back to the house for everyone (except Deena) to ride. Kids will be kids.

Photo: MTV

THE SITUATION'S HOME ALONE ENSEMBLE: A short-sleeved pinstripe/decal-covered button-up, dark denim and a chunky white watch—this is the outfit that took too long to put on, and made Sitch get left by the rest of the boys on Rivoli's night.

Photo: MTV

SNOOKI'S POUF 2.0: We're not really sure what to call Snooki's pouf/bun/ponytail style, but it's certainly a great way to keep long hair off ones back. Don't you think?

Photo: MTV

JWOWW'S PERSONALIZED HOODIE: JWOWW rocks a hot pink sweatshirt with her name plastered on the front in silver and blue, just in case you forget (like that will ever happen!).

Photo: MTV


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