Heather Morris Aces Ke$ha On 'Glee'

Are we the only ones who were surprised by the uncanny resemblance actress/dancer Heather Morris had to Ke$ha during last night’s episode of Glee? The cast performed their version of the glitter/garbage bag-loving pop star's song "TiK ToK," while Heather channeled Ke$ha circa "We R Who We R" video. The liner-smudged face, the feathers and bandannas, the short shorts, the messy blonde strands...are we sure these two aren't related? Distant cousins? Something? Maybe we shouldn't be too shocked. Heather DID nail Britney Spears' mannerisms in an episode back in September. Talk about method acting; this girl is good.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox/PictureGroup

Like Ke$ha, Heather's face glistened (glitter, maybe?), while her lips looked icy courtesy of a swipe of silvery-blue lipstick.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox/PacificCoastNews.com

Here, Heather rocked an American Flag tee like Ke$ha's. But the similarities don't end there. The actress also wore super-cropped shorts, feathers and bandanna bracelets, and messy hair.