Look By Look: Britney Spears Drops 'Hold It Against Me' Music Video

Britney Spears in 'Hold It Against Me.'
All Photos: Courtesy of Jive Records

She's baaaaaack! Britney Spears' new Jonas Åkerlund-directed music video, "Hold it Against Me," premiered Thursday night (watch it below!). With a distinct sci-fi vibe, the clip opened with a meteor falling to earth from outer space. Then Brit is shown prepping for a photo shoot, which quickly turns into a wild and crazy dance party. Granted, Ms. Spears' moves were a little less boom-boom-pow than Britney's moves circa "Hit Me Baby One More Time." But, we won't hold it against her. Check out the video below, look by look...

Britney's looking awfully svelte in her fishnets and half-shirt. But the dancer with the purple undies and striped socks just might have the edge.

Upon closer inspection, the neon yellow layered necklace around Brit's neck is FIRE!

Oh, you might not want to mess with this crooner—check out her hip arsenal.

Here comes the bride...all dressed in white. The pop star is shown wearing a monstrous white ball gown, floating through a room full of video screens that displays her past videos. "Hit Me Baby One More Time"!!!

With the twinkling wedding gown (is it a wedding gown?), Britney rocks three cuffs on each arm, plus a serious statement necklace.

Brit-Brit's fingers shoot out paint!! Yeah, we'll get to that later. Side note: The singer's lashes look AMAZING!!

Kiss-kiss, claw-claw. Britney rocks faux talons with her red Yasmen Hussein for Swarovski Runway Rocks top. This still puts us in the mindset of Kanye West's "Runaway."

About mid-video, the singer physically beats up a glamorous clone of herself (both were wearing B. Akerlund). There's gotta be some meaning behind THAT.

If only we could all look so pretty (red lipped and every hair in place) while kicking butt!

Britney showed off these insane purple-y XTC stiletto heels during a fight scene.

No matter how old Britney gets, dancing is in her blood, and here she wore a B. Åkerlund design with Tom Binns jewelry while getting down.

Brit-Brit teamed her bustier top and booty shorts with bedazzled knee-high leather boots. Get it, girl!

Remember those paint guns attached to Brit's fingers? Well, this is what happens when you play with paint in a white dress. But personally, we like the wedding dress better now that it's covered in a rainbow of colors.