It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 21)

In the most recent episode of Jersey Shore, Ronnie is shell shocked about his behavior last week and the fact that it was the catalyst that forced Sammi to leave her roomies. While Sammi gets a Mama Giancola pep talk at home, Ronnie is stuck at Seaside and beyond consoling. To lighten the mood, Snooki and Deena start a prank war.

DIRTY DRAWERS INVADE THE SHORE: While moving Sammi's belongings out of Ronnie's room, and later while Pauly D is getting "fresh to death" in the bathroom, the casties come across a couple of pairs of unclaimed dirty undies. Ewwww!

Photo: MTV

SNOOKI'S SELF-DESCRIBED "TRAILER TRASH" HAIR: While getting ready for a night out, Snooki hairsprays the heck out of her mane, calling it "trailer trash" hair. Her words, not ours.

Photo: MTV

RONNIE'S IRONIC "KILL YOUR TV" TEE: But, Ronnie, if we kill our televisions we won't be able to see the Jersey Shore drama unfold!

Photo: MTV


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