Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: How To Rock High-Waisted Pants

Delmy Rivera, Mónica Cerino, and Nancie Mwai.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Fashion Bananas, Freesia Blog, The Fashionable Notebook

With high-waisted pants coming as cute as the pairs seen on these bloggers, we're ready to throw our fears out surrounding up-to-there hip-hugging, waist-cinching trousers. The once unflattering cuts, reserved for geeky Urkel-types and mom jeans (*shudder*) are now more tailored and detailed. And, with the right fit, they can even act as the perfect tummy tamer and hip hider. Check out how Delmy Rivera of Fashion Bananas, Mónica Cerino of Freesia Blog, and Nancie Mwai of The Fashionable Notebook all rise to the occasion with these ladylike slacks.

Delmy Rivers of Fashion Bananas

Blog: Twitter: @Delmy_Rivera.

We adore the bright hue and nautical feel of New York based-blogger Delmy's outfit. Her American Apparel pants' cobalt shade really pops, and the cuffed hem showcases her Pura Lopez espadrille wrap sandals. Combined with her striped tank, it's an ensemble that begs to be basking in the sun of a sailboat...or hanging out in the backyard on a sunny day.

Mónica Cerino of Freesia Blog


For a more conservative approach, we love Mónica from Mexico's take on the trend. Her high-rise pants (borrowed from her mom's closet!) elongate her legs and look sleek next to her feminine, pleated pink blouse. But traditional doesn't have to be boring; take a look at how Mónica makes her outfit unique, by wearing a DIY bow tie.

Nancie Mwai of The Fashionable Notebook

Blog: Twitter: @nanciemwai.

If Nancie is any indication, geeky can most definitely be chic. This blogger from Kenya proves that wearing a bow tie and suspenders can be a well-worth-it fashion risk. By wearing her loose navy slacks with a sleek, slim ruffled blouse, her updated interpretation comes off tailored instead of stereotypically nerdy.


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