It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 20)

In the 20th episode of this season of Jersey Shore, Sammi-and-Ronnie drama dominated air time...again! After arguing for seven days in a row, Sammi and Ronnie had a "five car crash" fight that included name calling, tears, and furniture tipping. Yeah, it was pretty serious. The two played single for a night (Why they both went to the same club? We may never know). In the end, Sammi decided to bid farewell to Seaside. Sniff-sniff.

SAMMI'S CLUBBING GEAR AND AFTERMATH: Single Sammi danced the night away in a blue floral mini dress to make Ronni jealous. It worked. Ronni destroyed a bunch of Sammi's possesions including her pink-rimmed glasses.

Photo: MTV

PAULY D AND THE SITUATION'S NEAT SHOES: Talk about a couple of sneaker heads, Pauly D buffed his kicks clean with paper towels and 409! Meanwhile, Mike "The Situation" got a little OCD with color coding his collection.

Photo: MTV

SNOOKI, DEENA AND THE YELLOW SHORTS: Deena and Snooki met a guy at Beach Comber in snug neon yellow shorts. He called them "retro;" Deena and Snooks called them "freakin' tight."

Photo: MTV


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