Kat Graham's In-Your-Your-Face Jewelry

Katerina "Kat" Graham at the Essence 2nd Annual Black Women in Music event in Los Angeles on Feb. 9.
Photo: PictureGroup/Getty Images

Many things could have caught our eye in the ensemble that Katerina "Kat" Graham wore yesterday to the Essence 2nd Annual Black Women in Music event, including her neon purple pumps, her now-signature pink pout and her wet-shine minidress. But they were all overshadowed by her INSANE statement necklace and ring. If they look heavy, it's probably because they are. The Charles Albert-designed necklace ($4999) and ring ($259) are both made from titanium and colorful quartz. But when jewelry looks that awesome, weight becomes a nonissue.

+ Do you like Kat Graham's big baubles?

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