Who Wore Beige And Black Better: Kim Kardashian Or...Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian in West Hollywood on February 3 and in New York on Nov. 16.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian isn't afraid to hit the rewind button on her fashion choices. Last Thursday, the reality star attended the launch party for her Belle Noel jewelry line in West Hollywood donning a black blazer, beige and black tanks, black skinny pants and nude pumps. She wore her hair pulled back in a loose bun and also rocked a beige headband and bold pendant necklace. Just three months earlier in New York, the fashionista slipped into a very similar outfit—black blazer, beige tank, black skinny pants, bold pendant. The only difference was that she ditched the headband, and chose black pumps instead. Since Kim's outfits are mirror images of each other, we're calling this fashion face-off a draw. But what do you think?

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