Hottest Hustler Of The Day: The Black Eyed Peas' And His Super Bowl-Themed Shaved Head

Black Eyed Peas member at the Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show press conference in Dallas on Feb. 3.
Photo: Getty Images

Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and while we're not exactly looking forward to those endless instant replays, there's one thing we're excited to see — The Black Eyed Peas headlining the halftime show! What will the stylish foursome wear at one of the biggest events of the year? Rapper gave us a tiny peek into their fashion dedication with a Super Bowl-themed shaved head (topped with a mohawk!). When you're done "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over the impeccable edge-up skills, check out's black leather jacket, skinny gray scarf, black skinny jeans, studded belt, aviator sunglasses, and gray high-top sneakers. Sharp! If The Black Eyed Peas performance is as wild as's hair and outfit, we're in for a real treat!

+ Do you like's fearless Super Bowl style?