Hottest Hustlers Of The Day: Matthew Morrison, LL Cool J, And John Krasinski's All-Black-Everything SAG Awards Style

Matthew Morrison, LL Cool J, and John Krasinski on the SAG Awards red carpet on Jan. 30.
Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes the simplest outfit choices are the ones that catch our eyes the most. No blingy chains. No crazy colored hair. No wild patterns. Such was the case with Glee's Matthew Morrison, NCSI's LL Cool J, and The Office's John Krasinski, who each picked black-on-black-on-black monochrome suits to wear to the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards show last night. While LL Cool J and Krasinski (in Prada) kept their looks traditional by wearing ties, Matthew (in Prada) left his neck gear at home for a more laid back (but just-as-chic) vibe. For the fellas, an all-black suit is what a "Little Black Dress" is for the ladies—it's the genius go-to that's almost impossible to look bad in, which is why we declare all three actors red carpet winners. But, what do you think?

+ Which SAG Awards hottie dressed best — Matthew Morrison, LL Cool J, or John Krasinski?